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AgileAssets is the Leading Global Provider of Integrated Infrastructure Asset Management Software Solutions.

AgileAssets Software Platform is a comprehensive, integrated solution that supports the complete life cycle management of your infrastructure assets. With a broad selection of modules, AgileAssets Software Platform meets your toughest requirements while delivering the highest possible ROI on your infrastructure investments.

AgileAssets Executive Series Products provide executives and legislators the data they need to make long-term trade-off and cross-asset investment decisions. The products include Portfolio Analyst and Summit.

AgileAssets Analyst Series Products modules feature advanced analytics to project future asset performance and determine optimal maintenance or rehabilitation strategies to achieve maximum ROI. The products include Bridge Analyst, Pavement Analyst and Safety Analyst.

AgileAssets  Manager Series Products modules support standard work tasks including planning, scheduling, work orders, work recording and reporting. The products includeBridge Inspector, Facilities Manager, Fleet & Equipment Manager, Maintenance Manager, Mobile Solutions, Right-of-Way Manager, Sign Manager and Signal and ITS Manager.

AgileAssets  Platform Foundation represents the core set of capabilities required for the implementation and use of the AgileAssets Software Platform. The components that make up Foundation include; AgileAssets API, LRS Gateway, GIS, Configuration, System Administration, Security, Reporting and Dashboards.

AgileAssets Solutions Overview
AgileAssets’ Solution Sets are packaged solutions that enable agencies and organizations to more effectively manage the complete life cycle management of their infrastructure assets to achieve the highest possible ROI on their infrastructure investments. Built from specific combinations of AgileAssets’ individual products, Solution Sets unify technologies and resources and optimize workflow processes, interoperability and collaboration. AgileAssets’ Solution Sets include the following:
    Executive Trade-Off
    Fleet & Equipment
    Road & Bridge
    Sign/Signal and ITS

AgileAssets Services Overview
AgileAssets offers a full range of professional services, based on a proven implementation methodology, to help clients maximize the value of AgileAssets software in their environment. Professional service offerings include the following:
    Implementation Services
    System Delivery Options
    Client Care

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