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Civil and Transportation Engineering Design Software by Transoft Solutions. Civil & Transportation, Traffic Safety & ITS, and Aviation Solutions.


Transoft Solutions develops advanced and highly specialized software solutions for aviation, civil infrastructure, transportation and operational professionals. Our portfolio of planning, simulation, modeling, design, and road safety solutions are used in over 150 countries serving more than 50,000 customers across local and federal agencies, consulting firms, airport authorities, and ports.




We provide assistance with the following Transoft Solutions Software Sales, Licence Renewals and Technical support to enable you design with confidence.

  1. AutoTURN Pro - 3D Vehicle Swept Path Analysis and Turn Simulation Software
  2. AutoTURN - Swept Path Analysis Software for Vehicle Turn Maneuvers
  3. AutoTURN Online - Vehicle Turning Analysis Through the Web
  4. AutoTURN Revit - Vehicle Swept Path Analysis Software for Autodesk Revit
  5. AutoTURN Rail - Light Rail Transit 3D Analysis Software
  6. Manufacturer-based Vehicle Libraries
  7. TORUS Roundabouts - Roundabout Design Software
  8. NEXUS Intersections - Roadway Intersection Planning and Designing Software
  9. NEXUS DDI - Specialized Software for Designing Diverging Diamond Interchanges
  10. AQCESSRAMP - Curb ramp compliance in minutes
  11. ParkCAD - Parking Lot Design and Layout Software - Parking Facility Design
  12. GuideSIGN Plus - Highway and Roadway sign design and traffic planning software
  13. GuideSIGN - Road and Highway Sign Design Software
  14. GuideSIGN SIGMA - Traffic Signing Plan Software
  15. OTISS Pro - Online Traffic Impact Study Software
  16. AviPLAN - The leading software package for airport airside planning, design and operations.
  17. Aircraft Data Viewer - A smart electronic database for anyone in need of quick and easy access to accurate aircraft specifications.
  18. AeroSTRIPE - Intelligent Airside Design
  19. AirTOP - Unique rule-based gate-to-gate fast-time simulator
  20. ArcPORT - Passenger Terminal Simulation
  21. SkySAFE - Obstacle Limitation Analysis Software for Airports
  22. BriskLUMINA - Use prerecorded video or install temporary cameras to complete on-demand studies at any location.
  23. BriskVANTAGE - Use existing connected cameras to continuously monitor safety trends at high-risk intersections.

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