Datacenter Care Services

The move to virtualization and cloud brings great potential for your organization, but it also introduces additional complexity. The old support models do an excellent job providing a stable infrastructure, good for traditional siloed systems, but these are no longer enough for this new IT reality. You need a trusted partner that can support the whole environment, help you reduce complexity, and guide you on your journey to the cloud.

Our Essel Datacenter Care service is our most flexible and comprehensive support offering. We work in partnership with you to provide tailored end-to-end support for your existing IT environments. It leverages our integrated technology, people, processes, and partner ecosystem to deploy, help operate, and evolve on the journey from traditional datacenters to cloud-enabled.

You can configure Essel Datacenter Care Service to be just what you need, starting with the core “building blocks.”

The underlying network components which support the modern datacenter have become critical to the experience that you deliver. Datacenter Care for Networking includes support for networking products, offering a single point of contact for reactive support and proactive services that enable you to quickly resolve network issues, as well as access to expertise to help evolve toward the software-defined network.

For our Mission Critical Partnership customers, Datacenter Care is the natural evolutionary path. Datacenter Care can deliver the same service that you currently enjoy, but opens up more flexibility and more options such as our multivendor support. Contact us about how Datacenter Care can enhance your Mission Critical Partnership.

Core building blocks include

  • Assigned account team and single point of contact
  • Enhance Call handling – our best level of expertise
  • Reactive services appropriate for your systems
  • Proactive services to anticipate and prevent outages

and adding optional services that meet your needs.

Datacenter Care Primary Service Provider

You have multiple hardware and software products from a variety of vendors in multiple places all around the world. They all need to work together to meet your business goals, and provide a solid foundation as you move to new technologies—including cloud solutions. But, these multiple products and vendors have created unintentional complexity. Imagine how easy it would be if you had a single contact to manage everything.

Essel Datacenter Care Primary Service Provider can help. It consolidates the responsibility for vendor management and service delivery into a single service agreement. We can simplify your support with the power of One. One number to call for support; One contract to negotiate; one service delivery manager; all managed through a single point of point of accountability and responsibility one even for the tough interoperability problems. Our goal is to help you get the most from your existing footprint through these four key management areas:

  • Incident and problem management: Improve your current monitoring and tracking activities and focus on preventing future problems. Services include global call management and root-cause problem management.
  • Service-level management: We focus on your service level, availability, performance, capacity, and security assessments.
  • Configuration management: Our asset and inventory tracking and utilization services help to increase ROI for your assets and enable better financial management and resource planning.
  • Proactive and program management: We can provide ongoing proactive advice, patch analysis and management and operating system performance audits and analysis, resulting in continuous improvement over time and continued return on your investments.

Connect with our Essel technology experts who can help you simplify datacenter management and manage costs and resources -- so you can focus on business innovation.


Datacenter Care Flexible Capacity Service

Unpredictable data center capacity demands, low asset utilization, capital budget constraints and inadequate control over IT assets are just some of the many challenges your organization faces today. Cloud technologies promise agility with the ability to move fast. But with standard processes, if you have to quickly expand or contract your data center capacity, your current deployment processes can get in the way.

We can help you gain this agility with our Essel Flexible Capacity Service. We enable you to provision new capacity quickly without restarting the procurement process for each new request. When added to Essel's Datacenter Care service, Flexible Capacity Service provides onsite infrastructure that you pay for on a monthly basis. Your charges vary from month to month—because you pay for what you use. Now you have the ability to handle unpredictable demand with greater confidence and without large upfront capital investment or long procurement cycles.

There are two service-level options available:

  • Flexible Capacity Service Basic, Essel's Pay-as-you-Grow option (allows for growth only)
  • Flexible Capacity Service Premium, Essel's Pay-as-you-Go option (allows for growth and shrinkage)

With a cost model that makes sense, you can deliver true agility.

Connect with our Essel technology experts who can bring her skills, knowledge and experience to help you align service levels with business needs to de-fuse downtime, improve processes, and create flexible capacity to accelerate your business growth.


Datacenter Care for Hyperscale customers - Implement and support your large scale computing environment

We know that those of you implementing large scale environments - Internet Service Providers, Hosting firms, High Performance Computing environments and the like- need a unique support experience. Your scale, speed of operation, rate of change, and multiple relationships bring complexity. To meet these challenges, you may prefer to perform some of the routine maintenance. You need our help for the toughest problems, and to ensure a supply of parts and resources just when you need them.

Now, Essel announces the Essel Moonshot platform, a family of software-defined servers designed with maximum density and unparalleled power efficiency for the new era of computing. To maximize total cost of ownership and enhance customer experience, these extremely scalable, highly dense environments require specialized consulting and advanced infrastructure support.

Essel Datacenter Care offers you a flexible, tailored, relationship-based approach to support the most demanding data centers handling the demands of internet style computing, and is well suited for the Moonshot platform. This scalable support solution offers:

  • A single point of contact that knows your environment, to help you meet your service level commitments
  • Enhanced call handling, putting you through directly to our Hyperscale Center of Excellence
  • Selected hardware and software support levels for each system
  • The optional Self Service Spares service, using Essel's award winning parts and repairs supply chain to deliver exactly what you need when you need it

Essel Foundation Care Service delivers your choice of reactive service levels for the Essel Moonshot System as well as Collaborative support to ensure that your software benefits are maximized.

For organizations that need additional on-premise computing resources to handle unpredictable growth, Essel offers the Essel Datacenter Care Flexible Capacity Service (FCS). With FCS, customers have immediate access to storage, server and networking resources located on-site. With a capacity buffer, customers can scale when needed and pay only for the capacity used.

To simplify the transition to Essel Moonshot and to capitalize on your new infrastructure investment, Essel Technology Services offers experienced consulting services to help you determine the right migration strategy.

Essel Critical Facilities Energy Services, designed to help you optimize infrastructure performance and boost system performance, while improving energy efficiency and reducing energy costs. We work with you to assess your needs and develop a plan of action. We can help you transform energy resource use and create an enterprise-wide sustainability approach for the long term.

Connect with our Essel technology experts who design innovative and flexible service and support solutions for hyperscale mission critical environments.


Datacenter Care for Cloud - Support for your hybrid cloud

Cloud computing is likely changing much of what you do, including how you implement and support your infrastructure. Most enterprises are moving to the cloud at a rapid rate to achieve greater agility, innovation and economics amid a fast-changing environment and exponential data growth. Essel believes organizations will need to implement a hybrid delivery strategy that leverages the right mix of cloud and traditional IT to optimize application and service creation and delivery. That's the Essel Converged Cloud.

Essel Cloud Professional Services is a comprehensive portfolio to advise, transform, and manage your cloud journeys and investments with an end-to-end lifecycle approach. Essel Datacenter Care for Cloud is the support offering within Cloud Operation services, that meets you wherever you are on your journey to the Cloud, to help you implement, operate and evolve your cloud infrastructure.

You may be implementing your first system for the private Cloud. We recommend Essel Proactive Care for your CloudSystem, along with our implementation services, to accelerate implementation and to proactively identify issues in your cloud infrastructure via proactive scans, reports, analysis, recommendations and reviews of the support plan.

Your private Cloud may be more of an environment than a system. It includes multiple heterogeneous systems, and is more complex, with a provisioning and orchestration layer that enables self service by users. And you may need to pay only for the infrastructure that you use monthly, as an operating expense.

Essel Datacenter Care for Cloud is our most flexible support service, bringing the environment wide support that is well suited to your private cloud. It can be heterogeneous, including hardware and software from other vendors; it can include Flexible Capacity Service for pay-per-use; it is flexible enough to expand or change as your dynamic environment changes. And we can bring expertise from all of Essel - strategy, planning, design, implementation, as well as training – to you within the Datacenter Care relationship, to minimize false steps and to free up your staff for innovation.

You may need to extend your cloud to include services from external Cloud Service providers, whether for bursting, extra capacity, or to move workloads into the cloud. With Essel Converged Cloud Support, you gain the confidence to deliver enterprise-grade SLAs using the converged cloud with the support you need to continuously improve as your cloud evolves.

Essel Converged Cloud Support brings you:

  • A personalized, single point of support and accountability
  • Orchestrated support for SLAs across the cloud ecosystem
  • Expert guidance to operate and evolve workloads

Essel Converged Cloud Support begins with the private Early Experience Program*. When you participate you can:

  • Take advantage of Converged Cloud Support services as they become available.
  • Co-innovate with us to refine and shape the service so that it truly meets your needs.
  • Work with service providers participating in the program

*We will open the Early Experience Program to wide adoption later in the year.

With Datacenter Care for Cloud, the net result is one partner that you can rely on globally to support you in your path to make the Converged Cloud a reality.

Connect with our technology experts who can help you plan, implement, operate, and evolve your converged cloud workloads—so you can optimize the benefits.