Technical Services

Focus on people

Essel Technical Services is a portfolio of service options that supplement your IT department and make your business more agile to meet new demands as circumstances change. Technical Services help improve service delivery times while maintaining operational efficiency; and assist you when it’s time to upgrade your infrastructure. Take back control of your budget and efficiently improve your staff resources.
Technical Services help your business:

  • Streamline your approach to operational efficiency.
  • Enhance operational continuity.
  • Drive continuous improvement across your data center environment.

Technical Services support your data center operations more efficiently, ultimately improving your innovation output and operational efficiency.

Forge a partnership

Many businesses struggle with the burden of increased IT sprawl combined with fewer resources for day-to-day operations. To remain competitive, IT experts call for businesses to partner with third-party service providers.
Essel Technical Services can:

  • Fill the gaps created by staff with siloed skill sets.
  • Optimize the equipment you already own.
  • Maintain ever-changing technology to keep your system up-to-date.
  • Upgrade your business with new, more efficient processes.

Our Technical Services support team supplement your IT department so your IT staff can do what they do best. In addition, your fixed costs become controlled since you spend less time trying to find or employ expertise on new technologies.
For example, the need for performance tuning of blades is constant, but your staff might not be constantly available in turn. Having an extra set of hands can make the difference between simply surviving and moving forward.

Server Operation Services

By addressing the entire depth of the server platform, Essel Server Operation Services help you predict, monitor and improve server performance across your data center. Draw on Essel Services expertise to complement your in-house resources and skill sets in areas including capacity planning, performance tuning, patch management and availability.
For performance tuning, an Essel Services specialist helps determine your needs through data gathering, analysis and service implementation planning. The specialist tunes your server system to enhanced performance levels and verifies tuning results satisfy your pre-determined objectives. A comprehensive report documents service outcomes and offers recommendations for maintaining your system at tuned performance levels.

Infrastructure Optimization Services

To get the most out of your infrastructure investments, work with a service partner experienced in evaluating your complex data center environment. We'll help you analyze and optimize core technologies and processes that contribute to business success. Our assessment services diagnose your system's health and offer comprehensive recommendations. Options include:

  • Essel Serviceguard Audit
  • System Healthcheck
  • SAN Assessment
  • Cluster Consistency Monitoring
Software Operation Services

This service can help you successfully run your daily operations. Managing your operating environments and key business applications means having the right resources in the right place at the right time. That's why it makes sense to fill your skill and resource gaps with software operation services from Essel. We offer extensive expertise with our own operating and management software, as well as products from Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, BEA and other industry leaders.

IT Security and Risk Assessment Services

We'll look at your security strategy, identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current security posture, gauge the risks to your IT infrastructure and business data, and show you how to address potentially damaging vulnerabilities.

  • Security Quick Assessment—Learn about security risks and get recommendations to fix them.
  • Custom Security Assessment—Gain an in-depth picture of your unique security risks.
  • System Security Healthcheck—Get a host-based approach to detect platform security weaknesses that are not visible to network scanning.
  • Database Security Healthcheck—Learn vital information to improve data integrity, availability, access control, and security management.
  • Intranet Security Healthcheck—Learn the vulnerability of business-critical systems connected to your intranet.
Storage Operations Services

Get the most out of your day-to-day storage operations and contain costs by drawing on as-you-need-it assistance for capacity planning, SAN design, solution configuration, data backup and recovery, and data replication.
Storage Operation Services include:

  • XP/EVA Performance Analysis—Get in-depth knowledge of the performance level your disk array is delivering. This analysis provides automated data collection, detailed I/O analysis, and expert recommendations for throughput improvement.
  • Data Sanitization—When you're retiring systems, upgrading storage and servers, returning leased equipment, or redeploying storage devices, it is critical to protect the company information they contain. But simply erasing your used disks isn't enough to make your data permanently inaccessible.
ITSM Assessment and Improvement Services

We'll assess where you are and what needs to be addressed to build your IT Service Management strategy:

  • Essel ITSM Quick Assessment Service—Half-day workshop that compares and contrasts your IT infrastructure and processes against business goals and compares them to industry best-practices.
  • Essel ITSM Intermediate Assessment Service—Identifies major areas of risk to the delivery of reliable business solutions and develop key recommendations.
  • Essel ITSM Comprehensive Assessment Service—Conducts an in-depth review of the efficiency and effectiveness of your IT service management practices.
  • Essel ITSM Improvement Service—Addresses your specific concerns about any aspect of people, processes and technology involved in the delivery of your critical IT services.
  • Essel ITSM Assessment for Virtualized Environments—For newly virtualized environments, we review management processes and operational practices, find gaps and challenges, then offer recommendations for improvement.