Software Services

Keep all your software up and running

Essel Software Services keeps your operating systems and other critical software up-to-date, helps you understand and use all the software features, and resolves software problems when they occur. Essel Software Services also improves the availability of your technology investments and makes your IT staff more effective and efficient.
Internal support teams must keep operating systems and other vendor-provided software running smoothly. Essel Software Services provides the latest versions of specific software products under support. We give your staff a single number to call to get help using software features or resolving problems. When combined with Essel Mission Critical Services, we provide proactive support to be sure that software patches are quickly applied and that software is configured for best operation in your environment.
When you make commitments to your business, back them up by getting the support you need.

Essel Insight Management Software Services

Essel Insight Management Software offers the tools you need to plan your infrastructure management strategy and track its success. Essel Insight Management Software Services provide the critical support you need to get the most from these tools. Insight Management Software Services provide:

  • Installation and Implementation—Take time and trouble out of solutions startup.
  • Software Technical Support—Our team is available to help you get the most out of these virtualization tools. If you run into problems, we investigate and resolve them.
  • Software updates—We make sure you're running with the latest version.
  • Mission Critical Services—Help minimize downtime risks, enhance operational efficiency and deliver increasingly higher service levels to the business.
Installation and Implementation Services

When you roll out new systems or applications, Installation and Implementation Services help you get there quicker with less risk to your business and less impact on your staff.
Service options include:

  • Essel Factory Express—We configure and integrate solutions right at the factory, so they are ready-to-roll when they arrive at your site.
  • On-site Installation—An Essel support personnel performs basic installation and turn-on of your new software products.
  • On-site Installation and Startup—In addition to basic installation, an Essel technical support manages the deployment, advanced configuration and turn-on of more complex solutions.
  • On-site Implementation—We manage major deployment projects and transfer knowledge to your staff.
  • Custom Deployment—We provide setup and coordination services for complex multi-national, multi-vendor initiatives.
Linux Operating System Services

We provide the support you need for Red Hat and SUSE Linux. Services include:

  • Linux consulting services—We analyze your needs and help you determine if Linux is right for you. If so, we can design the solution and get your staff up to speed with Linux discovery workshops and education services.
  • Deployment services—We take time and risk out of installation and startup.
  • Migration services—Our consultants assess your requirements and plan or perform migrations and installations.
  • Support services—We provide high-quality software support, proactive services and remote support.
  • Security services—We assess your security readiness and risks, strengthen your defenses and make information easier to access for employees, customers and partners.
OpenVMS Operating System Services

You've got OpenVMS because it keeps doing the job. We're committed to supporting you on the current and immediate prior version. Essel OpenVMS support solutions include:

  • Business Continuity and Availability Services—We provide custom availability assessments, availability monitoring services and continuous improvement strategies.
  • Start-Up and Implementation Services—We get you up-and-running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Support Services—We send you new OpenVMS releases as they become available, and we partner with your IT team to increase efficiency and effectiveness in day-to-day OpenVMS system administration.
Premium Software Support Services

When your business depends on the availability of a multivendor, multi-technology IT infrastructure, consider Essel Premium Software Support. Premium Software Support Services options include:

  • Mission Critical Partnership—Custom services to help you achieve your strategic business goals and fulfill your most demanding SLA commitments.
  • Critical Service—Comprehensive preventive services and super-responsive support to increase availability and reduce downtime risk in mission-critical environments.
  • Proactive 24 Service—Services planning and 24x7 software support to improve operational effectiveness, performance and stability.
  • Support Plus 24—24x7 onsite hardware and over-the-phone software support for Essel and selected multivendor products, plus software updates at substantial subscription savings.
  • Support Plus—the economical choice for single-source hardware/software support delivered 13x5, plus cost-saving software updates.
Prior Version and Mature Product Services

Our standard support services are available for current version software and the immediately preceding version. Through Prior Version and Mature Product Services, we continue to support the older software versions you rely on. Prior Version Services provides support for older versions of current software. Mature Product Services provide support of software products for which there will be no new versions. Software eligible under these programs includes:

  • MPE/iX and e3000
  • OpenVMS Alpha, Integrity and VAX
  • Tru64 UNIX
UNIX Operating System Services

In-depth expertise makes our support for HP-UX and Tru64 the industry norm. Services include:

  • Business Continuity & Availability Services—We provide availability assessments, ongoing availability monitoring and continuous improvement strategies to help you meet your uptime goals.
  • Start-Up & Implementation Services—We offer a comprehensive set of services to get you up-and-running smoothly and quickly.
  • Software Support & Updates—We automatically deliver new HP-UX releases to you as they become available. We partner with your IT team to increase efficiency and effectiveness in day-to-day HP-UX system administration. We help you avoid problems, but if one occurs, you call, we respond.
  • Application Outsourcing Services—We help you cut cost, complexity and risk with outsourcing support tailored to your needs.
  • Education & Training—We offer information-rich courses, available worldwide, to help your technical professionals make the most of the HP-UX environment.