Mission Critical Services

Mitigate technology-related business risks

Competition is fierce. If you can't serve your customers when your systems are down, they'll likely find a competitor who can. Downtime is not an option. We understand how to keep your critical information available and keep your business up and running. Essel Mission Critical Services provide both proactive and reactive solutions to help you operate more efficiently and sustain your environment's availability − 24x7x365.
Mission Critical Services manage your critical IT infrastructure, including blade and virtualized environments. Our experts mitigate technology-associated business risks while increasing operational efficiency for your company.
Maintaining availability, running efficiently and responding quickly to changes are all top priorities. Let us manage your critical information so you can focus on your customers.

Essel Proactive Select

We provide the flexibility to buy what you need, when you need it and make any necessary adjustments as your business requirements change. With Proactive Select, you get a committed account support manager who works with your IT team to understand your environment and then creates an action plan to meet your objective.
Pick from our menu of more than 100 service options: including Blade Toolset Assessment and Virtualization Performance Audit. Discover how to manage your costs and accelerate time to deployment of new technology. Have access to experienced Essel technical service specialists that can help you maximize your technology investment.

Essel Critical Services Support Solution

If downtime creates serious business consequences for your company, you need a support solution that helps you improve service levels through direct access to experts and provides up-front avoidance and rapid responses to problems.
Learn how to reduce business risk, improve service levels, avoid downtime, proactively manage and embrace change, and experience the best service in the industry. Enhance the benefits with add-ons such as Critical Service Enhancement for Enterprise Solutions for proactive support and problem-solving; and Essel Expanded ITSM Improvement Service for operational improvement advice from an ITIL-certified consultant to improve operational efficiently and implement continuous improvement.

Essel Proactive 24 Services

Turning off the office lights at the end of the day doesn't mean business is closed. Because your business needs to stay up and running 365x24x7, Essel Proactive 24 Services collaborates with your IT staff to provide around-the-clock monitoring, 365x24x7 issue resolution, four-hour onsite response for hardware issues, and sound advice. We assess your infrastructure to find areas needing improvement and assign an account support manager, design an account support plan, offer operating system patch analysis and management, and monitor for firmware/software updates.

You can also add enhancements for Enterprise Solutions or Essel Fundamental ITSM Improvement Service with an Essel ITIL-certified consultant to identify areas for service management improvements.